Debra Cornacchia - Founder, Director & Recovery Coach


For over 13 years Debra  has been passionately active in being an advocate and recovery coach for teens and young adults struggling with  Self Injurious Behavior.

 She believes that "secrets grow in the dark" and when brought into the light...You will be  set free of depression, addictive behavior and negative thoughts.

Debra has a unique way of sharing her own story  bringing  encouragement into the lives of those feeling hopeless and defeated. Door of Hope 4 Teens was birthed out of Debra's emotional pain and her teen struggle with self -harm. Her message of hope and  faith  bring restoration to young people all around the globe. 

Debra is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and holds an Advanced Diploma in Biblical and Youth Counseling from Light University as well as  Biblical Counseling with 

Father's Heart Ministry. 

Debra has been a guest speaker at youth events and  church retreats in  New York , Pennsylvania and the Charlotte Metro Area.. 



Delaney  has been a volunteer Recovery Coach  at Door of Hope 4 Teens  & Young Adults since 2017. After graduating College she has decided to pursue her  Master's Degree in Applied Developmental Psychology and Forensic Psychology.

Now free from her struggle with self-harm, Delaney aims to aid others on their journey to recovery.  She has a strong  faith and believes that everyone can be free from addictive behaviors and the added hardships of  mental illness, anxiety and depression.

 Through Door of Hope 4 Teens Delaney chooses to spread a message of hope and victory and  will continue to be an encourager.

Delaney has a B.S from Liberty University with specialized education in Crisis and Sexual Abuse Counseling . She holds a membership with the American Association of Christian Counselors. (AACC)

A big thank you to our additional volunteers & prayer partners  Pastor David, June, Mary Lou, Nena, 

Michelle , Kim , & Passion 




Along with her  full time job as a Social Worker, Nicole volunteers  and is a dedicated Recovery Coach  for Door of Hope 4 Teens  & Young Adults.  

Nicole understands the emotional pain one goes through with addictive behavior patterns.

She experienced challenges within her own family and  firmly believes that  taking the choice  to recovery is the first step towards  living a recovered  life. 

Nicole has an MSW from 

Baylor University. She holds a membership with the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW)

Door of Hope 4 Teens & Young Adults

Hope is Here...Hope is Now

Door of Hope 4 Teens  &  Young Adults provides  a safe place to share  your emotional stressors and concerns. We offer a confidential texting HOPE line at no charge for teens and young adults struggling with Self Injurious Behavior.  Our focus is on you, we listen and do not judge.

In addition to our texting line we have developed  "I CAN Stop Self-Harm" Recovery  Coaching Program. Contact us today to schedule a phone call or face time meeting and receive one on one support in the comfort of your own home. 

Your personal coach will provide a plan of action and walk you through your journey of recovery.This is a life-changing  process and requires commitment and a sense of readiness to discover how to live without turning to self harm for  a emotional release. We are excited that YOU are  making the choice to live and walk in freedom.

We have helped thousands of young people just like you and you are not alone. We believe that you can overcome self-harm, depression and negative thoughts about life.  Our goal is to help you identify your strengths and  heal from your inner pain. We help you move towards to where you want to be in your life. 


Let's Change The Focus ...Self-Harm To Recovery


  Self -harm is a destructive coping strategy  used to numb overwhelming emotions  and life experiences such as depression, anxiety, fear and trauma. Our recovery coaches help you to discover healthier ways  to cope. We are here to listen and will not judge you. Never lose hope. You are stronger then you realize. 



80% of self-injures begin harming in  their teens.

Self-injury is used as a coping mechanism to deal with intense anger, emotional pain and or mental, physical or sexual abuse. 

Self-injury happens in all  socio-economic backgrounds.

Inflicting cuts with  sharp objects to the skin until it bleeds.


Medical attention may be needed on wounds that are deep or have gotten infected.



Self-harm is a failed suicide attempt.

People who self -harm are seeking attention.

Those who intentionally cut are crazy and should be locked up.

Once a "cutter" always a "cutter."

Cutting is not addictive and I can stop without any help from anyone.

Only teen girls self-harm.

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